Zyme-O-Clear Plus Liquid

Liquid pectinase enzyme blend for clarification and stability in cider.

Product Specs

Developed as a liquid pectinase for cider clarification and stability. Release of additional aromatics of the fruit is also generally observed. Commonly added to the fermenter during fermentation or just after to degrade any remaining pectin before moving on to settling, stabilizing, and/or filtration.

  • Produced by classic fermentation of selected strains of Aspergillus niger.
  • When using bentonite, it must be added after the enzyme reaction has reached completion, since bentonite is a protein-adsorbing agent.
  • Do not use with other silica-based stabilizers or PVPP.

Application: Dilute in a small quantity of cool water (DA water if post fermentation) before addition for optimal dispersion.

Packaging: 1 kg, 25 kg

Product Specs