ATPGroup’s Mobile Services is expanding into brewing, beginning with a mobile centrifuge unit available for Northern California breweries. Keep checking back, as we will be adding mobile filtration and other services in the near future. 

Our highly skilled experts bring the mobile centrifuge unit directly to your brewery and work with your team to connect your hoses to our equipment. Flow will run through the unit and directly into the receiving tank you designate. 

We work with only the best and most innovative equipment, bringing state-of-the-art technology to you while  increasing your flexibility, decreasing your investment, and ultimately adding to your bottom line. Using our mobile analysis, we will customize the service to your needs so that your beer achieves the quality you demand.  Like you, we are beer people who understand the delicacy of the craft, and we will prepare your beer for bottling as if it were our own.


  • High peripheral centrifugal field (G-force) for clarification of beer
  • Allows recovery of fine particles from 0.05 to 500 micrometers
  • Industry’s best standard for low oxygen pickup (<10 ppb)
  • Unique bowl seal requires no nitrogen blanket
  • Ideal for any size brewery