Mobile Services

ATPGroup’s Mobile Services brings range of essential winemaking services directly to you, increasing your flexibility, decreasing your investment, and ultimately adding to your bottom line. Our team of highly skilled experts works with only the best and most innovative equipment from around the world.

Using our mobile analysis, we will customize the services to your needs so that your wines achieve their full potential.  Like you, we are wine people who understand the delicacy of the craft, and we will prepare your wine for bottling as if it were our own.

Lees Filtration

  • Allows for heavy filtration of musts and juices, as well as lees and residual bottoms
  • Process volumes up to 4,000 gallons of lees in 8 –10hours
  • Minimum volume 500 gallons
  • Doesn’t require filter aides such as DE for lees filtration

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Thermovinification/Flash Détente

  • Rapid extraction of color and polyphenols
  • Avoids extraction of unwanted tannic components
  • Reduces pyridines to enhance the natural fruit characters

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Dissolved Gas Management

  • Protects your wine from oxidizing
  • Measures dissolved Oand de-oxygenates by sparking with nitrogen
  • Adjusts levels of COin still and sparkling wines

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Cross-Flow Filtration

  • Protects the characteristics of the wine
  • No DE waste and minimal oxygen pick-up
  • Flow rates up to 2,400 gallons an hour
  • Reduces product loss to less than 1% on 500+ gallon lots
  • Filters large or small volumes of both still and sparkling wine
  • Can run a single membrane, reducing losses on small-lot, high-end wines

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pH Adjustment & Tartaric Stabilization

  • Ion exchange lowers pH in finished wines and clarified juice
  • Reduces acid additions needed to achieve target pH levels
  • Lowers stabilization costs
  • Allows treatment of a small % of total volume for blending
  • Minimal product loss

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  • Fast, inexpensive way to separate yeast and bacteria from wine after fermentation or clarify a slow-settling tank, without the use of additives or fining agents
  • Energy-efficient method of prepping wine for barrel storage
  • Minimal DO and heat pickup during processing
  • High peripheral centrifugal field (G-force) for clarification of wine
  • Allows recovery of fine particles from 0.05 to 500 micrometers
  • Low oxygen pickup
  • Unique bowl seal so no nitrogen blanket needed

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