about us

Serving wine, juice, beer, food, pharmaceutical, and industrial producers for over 30 years.


ATPGroup was founded as a family business in 1991 with just four people selling a single product. That product, tartaric acid, gave us our original name of American Tartaric Products, which was later changed to ATPGroup to reflect our ever-growing portfolio of products and services. 

Now a leading supplier to the wine, beer, food, and pharmaceutical markets, we strive to provide solutions and create value for our customers in each of the industries we serve. We offer an unparalleled range of high-quality products and services including winemaking & cellar products, brewery supplies, glassware, production equipment, cleaning & sanitation solutions, parts & servicing, mobile services, tartaric acid, cream of tartar, and Rochelle salt. 

Our team is made up of industry veterans, engineers, cellar masters, and product specialists who provide technical expertise in their respective fields. With warehouses across the country, our company is strategically located to serve customers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Vision Statement

ATPGroup is the leading global provider of solutions to the industries we support. Our people create value, fueled by passion, dedication and relentless innovation.

Core Values

Empowerment, Performance, Value Creation

 Our people are entrusted to constantly take positive action, drive performance and create value.

Guiding Principles

Honesty, Integrity & Passion

We are guided by principles of honesty, integrity and passion, providing the foundation for our behavior