Oculyze BB

Innovative in-house yeast counting system that can reduce yeast costs by allowing brewers to re-use yeast for more generations.

Product Specs

The Oculyze Better Brewing (BB) 2.0 system is the most innovative hardware-software combination for in-house yeast counting. Its proprietary cloud-based image analysis software transforms mobile phones and tablets* into powerful yeast analysis tools that allow any brewer to accurately, easily and instantly measure yeast concentration and viability in-house. This can significantly reduce yeast costs by allowing brewers to confidently re-use yeast for more generations. Furthermore, many brewers report that yeast performs best by the third generation.

It is compact and easy to use; no special expertise or training are required. Simply download the app to your mobile device*, connect the device to your Oculyze microscope, upload your yeast images, and receive the results in seconds. The web app allows you to generate customized reports, view historical data, track your yeast over time and increase statistical accuracy by creating averages of different measurements.

Packaging: Each Oculyze BB microscope comes with:

  • Carrying case
  • 1 Measuring cylinder
  • Methylene violet 10ml
  • 10 Pasteur pipettes
  • 10 Reaction containers
  • 5 Cleaning cotton swabs
  • 2 Sample chambers
  • 3 Plastic syringes

See how it works: