Tossware’s innovative drinkware is made from BPA-free, impossible-to-break recycled PET Polymer, while its Natural Line is made from PLA, a compostable and non-toxic plant-based material derived from corn starch. Both have an engineered, shatter-proof design that keeps you worry-free of accidents that can happen with regular glass.

Then there’s Tossware’s clarity: Tossware looks like actual glass, with true crystal clarity; your wine looks like it was meant look.

Tossware is 100% recyclable. Once they’re used, toss them.

Tossware’s patented stacking feature lets you save space and creates eye-catching displays. (All drinking glasses and flutes are conveniently packaged in recyclable, grab and go sleeves.)

Tossware can be decorated with your logo, your name, a saying… anything. (Minimum purchase required and restrictions apply.) You can even offer the printed tumblers for resale to your customers in your tasting room or gift shop.

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