Keg lines

A high-quality kegging system is crucial for any brewery, as it directly affects the quality of the beer and the efficiency of the production process. Lambrechts is one of the leading keg line suppliers in the world and the sole Belgian manufacturer of complete keg plants with all accessories related to keg lines. Founded in 1961, Lambrechts has installed more than 80% of the keg filling lines currently in operation in Belgium; from standalone machines that can handle 20 kegs per hour up to fully-automated keg lines for more than 90 kegs per hour, as well as full robotics for palletizing and de-palletizing.

A typical Lambrechts setup is comprised of a complete keg washing and filling plant including palletizing & depalletizing; external keg washer; pre-wash and 20-minute soaking area; keg wash including detergent set and sterilization with steam and filling; turner; capper; inkjet labeler; and shrink wrapping of the pallet. Lambrechts’ world-renowned integrated robotics solutions can increase productivity and reduce labor costs for any size brewery.

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