TMCI Padovan Nitor+ EasyMEM Membrane Cross-Flow Filter System

Innovative DE-free cross-flow membrane filtration system for the brewing industry.

True DE-free filtration and TMCI Padovan’s revolutionary entry into cross-flow membrane filtration of beer. Fully automatic and specifically designed for brewing with a capillary membrane filter also designed and built internally by Padovan. Eliminates the problems associated with the use of diatomaceous earth as well as the costs of residual disposal and loss of valuable product within the sludge. Monitored by a PLC that controls all production and CIP phases such as process parameters and cycle trends.

    • Available in expandable chassis of 1–10 modules (12 m¹–130 m¹).
    • Micro-filtration membrane for preparation prior to bottling.
    • Automatic flow and integrity testing of membranes after cleaning.
    • Optional in-line turbidity monitoring, batch processing, and tank management.
    • Low product loss.
    • Can be used as a standalone unit or downstream of a centrifuge.