RACOON Inline Carbonation & Nitrogenation Unit

EasyBraüVelo’s innovative inline carbonation and nitrogenation system with PID Control.

RACOON = Reliable, Accurate inline COcarbonation and N2 nitrogenation system

Semi-automatic or automatic inline carbonation system designed specifically by ATPGroup and TMCI Padovan for the U.S. craft brewing market. Compact and mobile, built on a stainless chassis, and ready to operate once power and gas are connected.

  • Semi-automatic version allows for proportional feed of CO2 to product.
  • Fully automatic version offers complete ratio feedback; simply set desired COlevel and unit adjusts automatically.
  • Optional separate manual nitrogenation module allows adjustment of carbonation and nitrogenation individually.
  • No integrated buffer tank.

Sizes: 10–50 hL/hr

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Photo courtesy of MicroBrasserie Charlevoix, Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec, Canada