DEGAS Membrane Deaeration Systems

TMCI Padovan’s membrane deaeration unit for low flow water demands.

Designed for low flow (<40 hL/hr) water demands. Skid-mounted in stationary or mobile versions and completely pre-piped with sanitary feed pump and cartridge pre-filter to protect the PP hydrophobic, FDA certified, de-gassing modules. Monitored with a dissolved oxygen sensor and PLC-controlled.

  • Semi-automatic version allows for proportional feed of CO2 to product.
  • Fully automatic version offers complete ratio feedback; simply set desired COlevel and unit adjusts automatically.
  • Optional separate manual nitrogenation module allows adjustment of carbonation and nitrogenation individually.
  • No integrated buffer tank.


DEGAS 10/20:

    • Flow Rate 10–20 hL/hr.
      • Ave DO Level @ 10 hL/hr: 10 ppb
      • Ave DO Level @ 20 hL/hr: 10 ppb

DEGAS 20/40:

    • Flow Rate 20–40 hL/hr
      • Ave DO Level @ 20 hL/hr: 10 ppb
      • Ave DO Level @ 40 hL/hr: 10 ppb