Continuous Distillation Systems

TMCI Padovan’s continuous distillation unit for large production facilities.

Designed for the distillation of particulate-free wash from cereal mash, wines, grape skins, grape marc, or fermented fruit. Consists of two or three columns, with variable numbers of bubble cap type trays, depending on whether or not it is necessary to reduce the content of methyl alcohol and unwanted light compounds. Columns are manufactured in copper or stainless steel.

  • First Column: exhaustion section and enrichment section.
  • Second Column: rectifying column that collects ethanol of up to 90-92% ABV.
  • Third Column: demethylation column separates the heads from the methyl alcohol.

Note: Flow rates depend on the alcohol content and the quality of the incoming product as well as the alcohol content and quality of the product obtained in the outlet.

Sizes (batch size/24 hr): 100 hL, 200 hL, 400 hL, 600 hL

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