Powdered cellulose/silica complex that acts as an antioxidant, naturally preserving and enhancing the varietal aromatic characteristics of grapes even in wines made without additional sulfites.

Product Specs

Prevents juice oxidation to preserve and enhance the varietal aromatic characteristics of wine, even in those made without additional sulfites.

  • Powdered blend of cellulose, silica, condensed tannins, and potassium metabisulfite.
  • Cellulose/silica complex eliminates oxygen, simultaneously limiting laccase action.
  • Condensed tannins act to bind O2, enhancing the effectiveness of SO2.

Application: Can be used during harvest or production.

Packaging: 15 kg

Recommended Dosage: 2.2 lb/ton of grapes at harvest, more if needed depending on the cleanliness of the fruit and the distance to be travelled from vineyard to winery