Enology Products

Wine is an ever-changing, living thing. So how do you stop the yeast from working? How do you remove unwanted proteins that can “haze” the wine? ATPGroup offers winemakers a complete range of Enology Products, from fermentation supplies, tannins and enzymes to stabilizers, clarifiers and antioxidants.

  • Anti-Microbials

    Anti-Microbials (1)

  • Malolactic Bacteria

    Malolactic Bacteria (7)

  • Fermentis Safoeno Yeast

    Fermentis Safoeno Yeast (13)

  • Red Star Yeast

    Red Star Yeast (5)

  • Yeast-Derived Products

    Yeast-Derived Products (4)

  • Fining Agents, Stabilizers and Antioxidants

    Fining Agents, Stabilizers and Antioxidants (22)

  • Enzymes

    Enzymes (9)

  • Oak Alternatives

    Oak Alternatives (5)

  • Tannins

    Tannins (19)

  • Yeast Nutrients

    Yeast Nutrients (8)

  • Activegel

    High electrical charge gelatin produced with the specific goal of improving flotation processes, both batch and continuous systems.

  • BC S103

    Recommended for extreme winemaking conditions. BCS103 is known for clean fermentations that respect the varietal character.

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  • Cherry-Tan

    Unique composition designed to add complexity and structure to red and rose wine styles without imposing itself or 'blemishing' the wine.

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  • CK S102

    Selected in the Loire valley on Sauvignon blanc this strain is well suited to very intense aromatic whites and roses.

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  • Clarcoll

    Highly purified fish protein, produced with an innovative process to maximize surface charge without the need for pre-dissolution in water.

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  • ClarMix

    Highly effective fining agent formulated to selectively reduce the content of micro catechines in wine generally responsible to cover wine aromas. ClarMix is also effective on reducing brettanomyces off aromas. ClarMix is the ideal tool in the hands of the winemaker to achieve a very accurate clarification result.

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  • ClarNOF

    Non-allergenic fining agent based on a blend of potato protein isolates that increases the elegance and aromatic intensity of wine. It can be used at any time during the winemaking process.

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  • ClarPT

    ClarPT is a non-allergenic potato-protein-isolate-based clarifying agent with fungal chitosan developed for use during the fermentation process.

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  • ClarPURE

    Allergen-free potato-protein- and chitin-glucan-based fining agent. It eliminates off-flavors and aromas caused by certain compounds such as mercaptans and volatile phenols related to Brettanomyces, smoke taint, and problem fermentations and can be used at any time during the winemaking process.

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  • Coldstab 40

    Coldstab 40 acts as a protective colloid, masking crystallization “germs.” This inhibits the formation of macro crystals and prevents them from precipitating. Intended for use on wines immediately before bottling to ensure chemical-physical stability. It can also be used on wines during cold stabilization to complete stabilizing.

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  • Coldstab Cel – Tartaric Stabilization

    Coldstab Cel is a specific carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) solution for stabilization of wine by prevention of tartrate precipitation. Optimized for enological use, this 10% solution has a high stabilizing strength and does not impact the filterability of a wine when used according to manufacturer’s instructions.
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  • Coldstab Color

    ColdStab Color is granulated gum Arabic that provides protection against both tartaric and color instability with no need to chill.

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  • Color-Tan

    For producing wines with smooth, full body and rounded structure by reacting with unstable proteins in the must.

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  • Color-Tan NT

    Formulated for its gentle impact on aromatic and flavor components while enhancing mouthfeel.  Especially desirable when used with more delicate red grape varietals e.g. Pinot Noir or Merlot, which are low in natural tannin content.

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  • Color-Tan Thermo

    Color Tan Thermo is a liquid blend of wood-derived condensed tannins that enhances color stabilization by preferentially binding with and stabilizing high concentrations of anthocyanins. It is particularly suitable for use in conjunction with Thermovinification and Flash Détente processes.

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  • Defy-Ox

    An Ascorbic Acid and SO2 based blend giving maximum protection in preventing oxidation in finished wines as a pre-bottling addition.

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