SafAle™ US-05

The most neutral Fermentis yeast; ideal for typical American Ales.

Product Specs

American ale brewer’s yeast that produces neutral, well-balanced ales that are crisp and refreshing. Forms a firm foam head and is ideal for American-style beer and highly hopped beers.

  • Produces well-balanced beers with very clean, crisp end palate.
  • Very good ability to stay in suspension during fermentation.
  • Pitch directly into fermentation vessel or rehydrate before using.
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Packaging: 10 kg box




Fermentis’ innovative E2U™ (“Easy to Use”) yeasts offer the option of pitching directly into wort without rehydrating, saving you time and money and allowing you to get more done with fewer people. Extensive testing has shown no change in flavor, aroma, color, or alcohol % regardless of preparation method used (normal rehydration, cold or hot water, or direct pitching). Look for the E2U™ icon throughout the Fermentis portfolio. See how it works: