FS 257

Single-use stabilizer that targets haze precursors in beer.

Product Specs

Free-flowing, moderately dusty blend of powdered Silica Xerogel and PVPP. Should be mixed in deaerated water and dosed proportionally into the beer stream for maximum contact & mixing and must be removed from product before entering final package for consumers.

  • Slurry Ratio: 1 kg/10 L water
  • Prehydration Time: 30 minutes
  • Contact Time: 5 minutes
  • Permeability: ~105 mDarcy
Dosage Rate:
  • 15–50 g/hL for beers 60/40 malt/adjunct
  • 20–80 g/hL for beers 100% malt and less than 20Plato OG with standard hopping
  • 80 gm/hL for beers 100% malt and greater than 20Plato OG and heavily hopped or heavily dry hopped

Packaging: 15 kg box