Fermentis SpringFerm™ NAB-2

Mineral-based fermentation aid for the production of neutral alcohol base.

Product Specs

100% mineral-based fermentation aid developed to ferment pure-sugar media and high adjunct wort with yeast. Allows “pure” sugars to ferment very quickly without other additions and to obtain a perfectly neutral final product.

  • Ideal for producing a neutral alcohol base for beverages such as alcopops, hard seltzers, etc.
  • Must be used in combination with active dry yeast (Fermentis SafSpirit™ HG-1 recommended).
  • Use in a well ventilated space die to possible ammonium gas release during blending.

Application: Use after cooling of the sugar solution and prior to yeast inoculation — please refer to the TDS for more detailed information.

Packaging: 10 kg

Recommended Dosage: 550 g/hl for high gravity wort containing 270 – 300 g “pure” sugar/liter.