Coldstab 40

Wine stabilizer that stops the formation of macro crystals and prevents them from precipitating.

Product Specs

Acts as a protective colloid to mask crystallization “germs” to inhibit the formation of macro crystals and prevent them from precipitating. Intended for use on wines immediately before bottling to ensure chemical-physical stability. Can also be used on wines during cold stabilization to complete stabilizing.

  • Advanced technology allows the production of a particularly pure lactide that is odorless and colorless in solution.
  • Inhibits the formation of tartrates and bitartrates.
  • Available in Canada and Mexico only — not approved for use in wine in U.S.

Application: Use on wines immediately prior to bottling.

Packaging: 25 kg

Recommended Dosage: 0.83 lb /1000 gal. max (10 g/hL max)