Clar Pure (300dpi)


ClarPure is an allergen-free potato-protein- and chitin-glucan-based fining agent. It eliminates off-flavors and aromas caused by certain compounds such as mercaptans and volatile phenols related to Brettanomyces, smoke taint, and problem fermentations and can be used at any time during the winemaking process.

  • Used before clarification, it eliminates the widest range of olfactory problems.
  • Used after clarification or finishing, it improves aromatic complexity.
  • Can be used with other fining products; helps stabilize polyphenols through a synergistic action with non-protein fining agents.

Application: white and red wines and juices.

Packaging: 1 kg or 15 kg

Recommended Dosage: 1–40 g/hL (0.08–3.3 lb/1000 gal)

Product Specs