Fermentis ViniLiquid™

Innovative liquid fermentation aid.




Product Specs

Innovative liquid fermentation aid that combines efficiency, ease, and security.

  • High density liquid format allows for easy, accurate dosing as well as immediate and complete integration in the juice/must.
  • Avoids inhalation of dust and safe to handle.
  • Total yeast autolysate providing organic nitrogen, sterols, minerals & vitamins.
  • Provides greater fermentation power than the equivalent powdered nutrients.
  • 50 mL/hL brings the equivalent of 20 ppm of Yeast Available Nitrogen (YAN).

Application: Use at 1/3 fermentation.

Packaging: 6 kg

Recommended Dosage: 2 – 4 lb/1,000 gal (25 – 50 ml/hL).

Fermentis’ innovative E2U™ (“Easy to Use”) yeast products offer the option of pitching directly into must without rehydrating, saving you time and money and allowing you to get more done with fewer people. Extensive testing has shown no change in flavor, aroma, color, or alcohol % regardless of preparation method used (normal rehydration, cold or hot water, or direct inoculation in the must). Look for the E2U™ icon throughout the Fermentis portfolio. See how it works: