Stabisol® Silicasol

Silicasol in liquid form that can be used for clarifying and stabilizing industrial and craft beer.

Liquid silicasol, semitransparent.

  • Composition: 30% SiO w/w in water@ pH10
  • Density: ~1.20 g/cm3
  • Particle Size: ~8 nm
  • Surface Area: 330 m2/g
  • Permeability: not applicable
  • Contact time: 8–72 hours

Dosage Rate:

  • Industrial Beer: 20–40 mL/hL in brewhouse or beer transfer
  • Craft Beer: 100–400 mL/hL as standalone clarifier

Note: At low addition rates the focus is on reduction of haze nuclei. At higher addition rates Stabisol® will have an additional effect on protein stability. If adding to dry hopped beers, add 24 hours after the addition of the hops to the tank.

Package Size: 20 L, 120 L, IBC tote