Fermentis Spring’Blanche™

Yeast protein extract used to naturally secure a stable haze over time.

Product Specs

Yeast extract rich in native proteins of various molecular weights which will specifically interact with polyphenols to produce a permanent stable haze in beer. It is ideal to produce hazy beers (wheat beers, Belgian-style wit/blanches or hazy IPAs). Mode of action depends of the polyphenol levels in the product.

  • Haze production highly dependent on beer composition and brewing process.
  • Some enzymes such as proteases may significantly decrease efficiency.
  • Rich in native proteins of various molecular weights.
  • Density of the particles (W/V) will impact the stability of the haze.

Application: Use at the beginning of maturation.

Recommended Dosage:  5 – 20 g/hl (10 g/hL will provide a stable haze of approximately 20°EBC). 

Packaging: 100 g, 10 kg