Stabisol® Silicasol

Silicasol in liquid form that can be used for cask beer production.

Silicasol (silicic acid hydrosol) with SiOcontent approximately 30% w/w and a density of 1.2 g/mL that crosslinks SiOparticles to form a hydrogel, which then forms a protein-silica complex that progresses to flocculation, and finally forms a very compact sediment resulting in extremely brilliant cask beer.

  • Charge potential differs from Liquasil 30.
  • Reinheitsgebot-approved.
  • Vegan-friendly.

Application: Add while filling the cask

Dosage Rate: 50–500 ppm. Must be optimized to style being produced.

Package Size: 20 L, 120 L, IBC tote