BECODISC® Stacked Disc Cartridges

BECODISC® Stacked Disc Cartridges are characterized by maximum purity. Comprised of the same mineral-free depth filtration material as the BECOPAD®, they support a wide range of applications including coarse and sterile filtration of all liquid media. The outer edge is coated with polypropylen and sealed. Depending on the cartridge type, a different number of stacked filter cells forms a cartridge unit. Precisely fitting intermediate profile rings seal the space between the filter cells. The cartridge held together by a three-part segmented stainless steel sleeve that ensures excellent mechanical sealing and eliminates leakage.

  • Available in 12″ diameter x 16 cell providing 20.5 ft 2 surface area.
  • Available in 16″ diameter x 16 cell on special order

Product Specs