Detail Brush – Stiff Fill

Detail brush with polypropylene body designed for scrubbing stubborn residues in small areas. Made by Hillbrush.

Item #1611204

Detail brush with polypropylene body, chiseled tip, and stiff polyester fill. Cranked handle with grips make comfortable to use. Great for scrubbing stubborn residues in small areas. Available in red or white (other colors available by drop-ship).

      • Length: 9 in
      • Width: 0.75 in
      • Height: 2.5 in
      • Weight: 0.13 lb
      • Filament Retention: Standard

Also available in a resin set and/or with softer bristles upon request.

Hillbrush has been making brushes and cleaning equipment for nearly 100 years, and is a leader in state-of-the-art, highly effective, exceptionally durable cleaning tools.  All of their tools are made of FDA-approved materials.