Single-Dosing Panel

Lafferty’s water-driven non-electrical dispensing system developed to dilute chemical concentrates and deliver ready-to-use chemicals solutions to pump-fed applicators.

Product Specs

Water-driven, non-electrical, proportional dispensing system that dilutes chemical concentrates to required ratios and delivers ready-to-use chemical solutions to pump-fed applicators. Includes a water filter, water regulator, flow restrictor, pressure gauge, and a mounting bracket for an injector (available separately). Fully adjustable proportioners cover dilution ratios from 1:3000 up to 1:5 and a choice of Viton, Aflas or Kalrez seals are available for chemical compatibility.

    • Fits proportioners with 3/4″ inlet and discharge ports.
    • Easy-to-clean filter.
    • Adjustable inlet water pressure.
    • Polypropylene mounting plate.
    • Also available as a portable cart with spray applicator.