Lightweight powdered filter aid for both pressure and vacuum filtration equipment.

Product Specs

Perlite is a lightweight filter aid comprised of expanded bubble structures from volcanic glass that is milled and classified into powder for both pressure and vacuum filtration equipment. Perlite filter aids are inert and will impart no taste or odor into wine, and are virtually insoluble in mineral and organic acids at all temperatures. Various grades are available.

  • Perlite is the generic name for a naturally occurring siliceous volcanic rock.
  • Perlite is an amorphous material, without crystalline particles, i.e. does not require a carcinogenic label.
  • Designed for use in any diatomite or powder type filtration system, i.e. both pressure and vacuum filtration equipment.
  • Particularly well suited for vacuum systems since it is resistant to pre-coat cracking.
  • Results in Low Soluble Metal in the finished juice/wine.

Application: Usually added as a filtration aid during filtration or as a pre-coat at the start of the filtration cycle.

Packaging:  25-35 lb. bag depending on grade.