Haffmans Redpost Charger/Interface

Charges the Haffmans Redpost PU Monitor and enables data transfer from the Monitor to a PC or printer.

Product specs

The Haffmans Redpost Charger/Interface charges the battery of the Haffmans PU Monitor and is equipped with a PC and printer interface. Type RPC-80 has a printer interface that enables direct printing and works independent of a PC.

After the pasteurization process is finished, the measurement stops and the PUs are immediately displayed on the PU-Monitor. Charging begins automatically when the monitor is connected to the Redpost Charger/Interface. Subsequently, the measured values can be directly printed (RPC-80) and/ or passed on to a PC via an interface. The RedLink software processes the measured values and displays them in tabular and graphical format, which can be stored.

Available in two models:

  • Type RPC-50, compatible with PU Monitors type RPU-120+, RPU-351/352/353
  • Type RPC-80, compatible with all Redpost PU Monitors