Self-foaming alkaline chlorinated cleaner designed to be used with mechanical or portable foaming devices.

Product Specs

Premium foaming cleaning compound designed for use through mechanical or portable foaming devices. Also used as a spray cleaner, in soak and COP cleaning, and makes an excellent heavy-duty cleaner for all types of cleaning in and around food and beverage production facilities. Approved for use in food plants by the USDA and uses only food-grade chemicals allowed by the FDA.

  • Color: Pale, clear yellow
  • Scent: Faint bleach odor
  • Dilution rate: 
    • Spray cleaning: 1 oz/gallon of water
    • Soak cleaning: 2–4 oz/gallon of water
    • Foam cleaning: 3–5 oz/gallon of water

Packaging:  5 gal (additional sizes upon request)