BECO PROTECT FS FineStream pre-filter cartridges are innovative depth filtration cartridges with a unique design of specially pleated polypropylene fleeces with a larger filter surface area and depth that supports particle retention capacity. Used together with the BECO® MEMBRAN, the BECO PROTECT® FS pre-filters the wine, ensuring superior protection and maximized throughput for the BECO® MEMBRAN.

Characteristics and Advantages:

        • High retention for a reliable separation effect, Beta Ratio ≥ 5000 or ≥ 99.98% efficiency for defined particles.
        • Outstanding protection for subsequent membrane filtration due to fine, new filter material (by 0.2 μm – Type).
        • Self-supporting pleats ensure excellent backflush capabilities. Backflushable up to 29 psig (200 kPa, 2 bar) at 176°F (80°C).
        • High chemical resistance due to 100% polypropylene materials.
        • The high thermal stability allows steam sterilization and hot water sanitation max temp of 194°F.
        • Red bayonet tip easily distinguishes it from the final filter.
        • Available in 0.5, 0.6, 0.8 and 1.0μm, code 7 and length of 30″ (750 mm).
        • Full maintenance of valuable flavor and color in wines.

        Product Specs