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About Stölzle / atpgroup Glassware Division


About Stölzle Lausitz.

For over 125 years Stölzle has been recognized as Europe’s leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, 100% lead-free crystal glassware for the tasting room, food service, hotel and retail markets. Leading the industry through innovative design coupled with high-tech and environmentally advanced factories Stölzle has produced a glassware product that is higher in clarity, brilliance, resistant to breakage and scratches from dishwashing (guaranteed for 1000 rinse cycles) than most glassware found in the market today. Stölzle specializes in “pulled stem” technology. For a “pulled stem” the factory machines blow molten glass into the mold and the stem is then pulled from the bowl to create one solid piece bowl and stem. Pulled stems are resistant to the bowl snapping since the bowl and stem are one continuous piece of glass versus other manufacturers that use glue to adhere the bowl to the stem. In addition, Stölzle has worked with world renown architects to design stemware collections that are not only pleasing to the eye but maximize the full potential, flavor and aroma of the wine. In our industry we know the glass definitely makes the difference.

About atpgroup Glassware Division

Since 2010 atpgroup has been the exclusive distributor of Stölzle Lausitz Glassware to all winery, brewery and spirit tasting rooms throughout the USA. Our in stock program gives you the ability to receive orders within days not weeks, whether the item is stemware, decanters, beer glasses, cocktail glasses or mouth blown specialty items. Now that we have piqued your curiosity, please give our sales team at call at 707 836 6840 or email us on our contact area and select Glassware from the pull down menu.

Want your glass custom decorated?

Custom decorated glassware is the perfect way to promote your brand and create customer loyalty. We offer, through our partner decorators, a full range of laser-etching and screen printing artwork services allowing us to customize your artwork or logo to the size and the color desired. Turnaround times are fast with most orders decorated in two weeks or less. Give us a call at 707-836-6840 or email us on our contact area and select Glassware from the pull down menu.