Are you in Construction Materials, Making Paints? Maybe the Oil Industry?

We at ATPGroup enable our industrial customers to explore a variety of commodity chemicals and expertise to solve challenges in various industries, such as coatings, metal and electroplating, building materials and more.

Most of the raw materials that we sell have cross-functionality and various uses. Let us guide you to the right product or give technical expertise.

Our industrial clients will attest that our breadth and depth of experience and products provide them with the kind of heavy-duty product reliability they need.

Here are some of the products that we carry.

  • Adipic Acid – Used in the manufacture of nylon and polyurethane foams.
  • Chlorinated rubber – Perfect for use in coatings, maintenance paints, traffic marking, swimming pool paint, adhesives and fire retardants
  • Pumice – Used for heat and sound insulation, road absorbents, finishing glass and plastics and much more.

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