ATPGroup Process Technologies Division

The basics for making wine have gone unchanged for hundreds if not thousands of years.

However, today, technology is allowing winemakers to not only make more and more wine but better wine than ever before. It was because of this advancement in the industry that ATPGroup formed the Process Technologies Division (PTD).

The mission of PTD is to provide the wine industry through this ever-changing landscape by offering all wineries expertise on how to take advantage of the many ongoing innovations, products, practices and services being introduced to the wine industry on a nearly daily basis.

The PTD team is made up of industry specialists that are solution experts in wine-processing equipment, foot print analysis, streamlining workflow processes, business modeling for ROIC, capital preservation, long-range capital planning, as well as buy side mergers and acquisitions assistance.

Here’s what you can expect from atpgroup Process Technologies Division.

  • PTD draws on decades of winemaking experience and technical experts possessing a knowledge base of impressive breadth to provide real   world experience and best practices to client engagements.
  • We offer time-tested leadership in business and technology to wineries seeking to become safer, more efficient and more environmentally sustainable.
  • Our science department within the PTD organization offers science-driven innovation and history of problem solving success to address your particular need or situation.
  • PTD offers customized solutions across numerous areas of excellence:
    • Workplace safety
    • Employee training programs
    • Environmental management
    • Energy efficiency
    • Asset productivity
    • Foot print analysis and planning
    • Short and long range capital planning and effectiveness
    • Strategy development and implementation
    • Operational risk assessment

All of this doesn’t change the basics for making wine. It still demands your time and attention, but you can count on us and our expertise and help you make what you make better.