Stabifix® Super Xerogel

Dry white silica powder, free flowing and moderately dusting.

Easy-to-use protein stabilizer with excellent handling and filtration characteristics developed to close the gap between xerogel and hydrogel and combine the advantages of both. High stabilization effect, instantaneous reaction, sharp filtration without affecting the filter throughput, minimal dust formation, and no adverse effect on foam or flavor.

  • Composition: 8% water, 92% SiO2
  • Particle Size: ~12 μm
  • Surface Area: 450 m2/g
  • Permeability: >40 mD
  • Contact Time: 4 min

Dosage Rate:

  • Beer ≤70% malt: 25–60 ppm (~6–12 lb/100 USBBL)
  • Beer ≥70% malt: 40–60 ppm(~10–17 lb/100USBBL)

Packaging: 20 kg bag