Gresser Brewing Tanks

Custom-designed tanks and yeast propagation systems.

Founded in 1872 in Regensburg, Germany, Gresser is one of the premier manufacturers of tanks and yeast
propagation systems in Europe. Family-owned for over 140 years, today the company is proudly woman-owned
and operated by 4th generation Sandra Gresser. The company can custom design virtually any tank whether
atmospheric or a pressure vessel and specializes in stainless steel fabrication. Each tank is built to the customer’s needs and can be designed in accordance with the PED directive (97 / 23 / the EC) or ASME, or CRN-certified in their two fabrication sites: the original plant in historic Regensburg, Bavaria and a second location in Nöbdenitz, Thuringia.

Product lines:

    • Wort acidification systems
    • Whirlpools
    • Flotation tanks
    • Wort aeration units with yeast dosage
    • Horizontal fermentation & storage tanks
    • Cylindro-conical fermentation& storage tanks
    • Pressure tanks
    • Cleaning systems
    • Serving containers for beer festivals
    • Water tanks
    • Piping
    • Transport tanks
    • Yeast management systems

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