CDR WineLab®

The CDR WineLab® is a photometric, thermo-stated analyzer with solid-state emitters (LED). It is the ideal solution for fast and accurate lab analysis of wine and juice.

The CDR WineLab® saves you time and money by bringing lab analysis in-house. Using a photometric, thermo-stated analyzer with solid-state emitters (LED), it can perform a variety of tests at any time from harvest to bottling, allowing winemakers to make real-time decisions to optimize the quality of their wine.

  • Easy to use. No special training to operate is needed.
  • Reliable, fast and extremely accurate.
  • Economical and cost-effective.
  • Can perform several analyses on same sample simultaneously.
  • Can analyze up to 16 samples at the same time.
  • Uses disposable pre-vialed reagents developed by CDR.

Tests performed:

Packaging: Each CDR WineLab® analyzer comes with:

  • One variable volume pipette from 0 to 25 microliters.
  • One fixed volume 50 microliter pipette.
  • Support for cuvettes.
  • Spare printer paper roll, 100 pipette tips.
  • USB cable.
  • Power cord.

See how it works: