Aphromate Plus

Award-winning system for the complete automation of the Charmat method of sparkling wine production.

Product specs

Parsec’s innovative Aphromate Plus manages sugar addition, tank closure, cooling, aging, and degassing of Charmat-method sparkling wines. Easily integrated with existing wine tanks and digitally managed from a smart phone, tablet, or computer, it is a tool for winemakers to get higher quality and more consistency while reducing manpower. Ideal for any size winery, as small to medium sized wineries can make small batches of sparkling wine and large wineries can find major cost savings in the automation of the sparkling wine production process.

  • Controls and manages fermentation speed and thermal stratification
  • Provides absolute accuracy of residual sugar and dissolved CO2
  • Sends real-time alerts of problematic fermentations
  • Regulates degassing pressure