AirMixing™ M.I.

This award-winning system is designed for the complete automation of red fermentation and is one of key expansions of the SAEn 5000.

Product Specs

Award-winning innovative wave technique to break up the cap in the vinification of red wine. “Modulated Injection” (M.I.) air injection method creates waves in the liquid that completely break up the cap, integrating it with the juice to obtain an effective and selective extraction from entire cap. Waves customizable to tank size and desired extractive action.

  • Winner of  the Wine Industry Network’s 9th Annual WINNOVATION Award for excellence in wine industry innovation
  • Programmable and extremely accurate
  • Reduces vinification time
  • Eliminates need to “dig out” tanks
  • Improves wine quality
  • Saves water, power, labor, and time

Winner of the 9th annual WINnovation Award

See how works: