Malteurop Malted Barley

No brewer can produce their craft beers without the right ingredients. The most basic and important ingredient is malted barley, be it pale base malt or specialty malt. Marrying these ingredients in just the right proportions is what makes your beer stand out from the crowd, which is why atpgroup carries a full line of malted barley from the most respected and largest maltster in the world, Malteurop. Our range of malted barley features:
  • Craft Blend Base Malt – For your highest quality base malt
  • Munich Malt – Clean, malty, European-style Malt
  • Pale Ale Malt – For a nutty, biscuit flavor
  • Wheat Malt – Improves body and head retention for wheat beers
  • Vienna Malt – Slightly toasty, enhances malt flavor and aroma
  • Pilsen Malt – Clean, mild, classic malt.