• CDR WineLab®

    The CDR WineLab® saves time and money by bringing lab analysis in-house. Using a photometric, thermo-stated analyzer with solid-state emitters (LED), it can perform a variety of tests at any time from harvest to bottling, allowing winemakers to make real-time decisions to optimize the quality of their wine.

  • Centrifuge

    Ideal centrifuge to clean small size samples.

  • Kits for CDR WineLab Analysis

    These kits are pre-calibrated and come ready-to-use. These are pre-vialed, disposable reagents with low toxicity developed by the research laboratories of CDR. They have a 12 month shelf life and are optimized to be used with the WineLab.

  • Ultrasound Bath

    Portable ultrasound bath to remove CO2 on small samples.