Hand Care

Our products are developed to target even the toughest grime while offering special ingredients that make them gentle on hands.

  • Hand Sanitizer Station

    The ATPGroup Hand Sanitizer Station is a free-standing stainless steel industrial hand sanitizer dispenser with an easy-to-use foot pump that allows for hands-free usage. Designed to pump liquid or low-viscosity products, it has a built-in atomizer to help reduce over-usage and eliminate waste. Ideal for production facilities, warehouses, office spaces, tasting rooms, hospitality venues, food preparation areas, visitor centers, or any public space.

    Product Specs

  • Sani Hands

    Sani Hands is a no-rinse alcohol-based hand sanitizer for use in food plant environments. Mild and pH-balanced, it contains glycerin to leave hands moisturized and soft. It exceeds the CDC efficacy guidelines for E3 hand sanitizers and antiseptic hand treatments.

    Product Specs