Tossware is made from BPA-free, recycled PET Polymer which makes its glasses impossible to break. Its engineered, shatter-proof design keeps you worry-free of accidents that can happen with regular glass receptacles. You don’t ever have to pause servicing your customers or move them around to clean up shards of glass.
Then there’s Tossware’s clarity: Tossware looks like actual glass, with true crystal clarity; your wine looks like it should look.
Tossware is 100% recyclable. Once they’re used, toss them.
Tossware’s patented stacking feature lets you save space, making it easier for you to display more at one time anywhere you want them in the winery. (All drinking glasses and flutes are conveniently packaged in recyclable, grab and go sleeves.)
On top of that, Tossware can be decorated with your logo, your name, a saying… anything. (Minimum purchase required and restrictions apply.) You can even offer the printed tumblers for resale to your customers in your tasting room or gift shop.