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  • ATPGroup Exclusive: Dräger

    Dräger manufactures safety technology that protects, supports, and saves lives including portable gas detection, fixed gas detection, and respiratory protection devices. Available in North America exclusively through ATPGroup.

  • ATPGroup Exclusive: EasybräuVelo

    EasybräuVelo has been a trusted manufacturer of brewhouses in Europe for over twenty years and is now available in North America exclusively through ATPGroup. Engineered in three models: Pocket-Bräu, Compact- & Optima- Bräu, and Flex-Bräu.

  • CDR BeerLab ®

    The CDR BeerLab® is a photometric, thermo-stated analyzer with solid-state emitters (LED). It is the ideal solution for fast and accurate lab analysis of beer.

  • Compact-Bräu & Optima-Bräu

    EasybräuVelo’s Compact-Bräu and Optima-Bräu brewhouses are perfect for microbreweries and brewpubs that want to enter into the craft beer world or improve their production capabilities. (2.5 hL to 20 hL)

  • Flex-Bräu

    EasybräuVelo’s Flex-Bräu brewhouses are custom designed to meet the needs of the professional brewer. (10 hL to 150 hL)

  • Kits for CDR BeerLab Analysis

    These kits are pre-calibrated and come ready-to-use. These are pre-vialed, disposable reagents with low toxicity developed by the research laboratories of CDR.

  • Pocket-Bräu

    EasybräuVelo’s Pocket-Bräu brewhouses are ideal for restaurants and small pilot plants. (1 hL to 5 hL)

  • SPX Seital

    ATPGroup is pleased to announce that we are US representative for SPX-Seital Centrifuges.  With over 3,000 units in operation worldwide, SPX-Seital Centrifuges are considered the best for the beer and wine industry.

  • TMCI Padovan Cross-Flow Nitor SMART Filter

    The Padovan Cross-Flow Nitor Smart Filter is the solution for cross-flow filtration where space is at premium, thanks to its large filtering surface despite its compact dimensions. Available as 40 m2 or 80 m2.

  • TMCI Padovan Dynamos Cross-Flow Filter System

    This is the first dynamic cross-flow filter with the innovative calibrated back pulse system.   It is an alternative to the vacuum and press filters.   The principal use is the cross-flow filtration applied to high speed rotating disks, thus avoiding blinding of the disk and allowing for a self-cleaning process.

  • TMCI Padovan Flash Pasteurizer

    In order to increase the shelf life of liquid products, it is necessary to inactivate, through pasteurization, the existing microorganisms and enzymes.  TMCI Padovan Flash Pasteurization equipment assures maximum security and minimum alterations of products according to HTST principal (high temperature short time).

  • TMCI Padovan Green Filter

    The Padovan Pressure Leaf Green Filter is a leaf filter with filtering plates configured in horizontal positions that allow for a more uniform pre-coat on each of the filtering septums and is capable of rough or polished filtration. Available in sizes ranging from 2 square meters to 80 square meters.

  • TMCI Padovan Nitor Cross-Flow Filter

    The Padovan Nitor Cross-Flow Filter is made of stainless steel and is equipped with a service tank, feed-boost circulation pumps, control instruments and is fully-automated. The programmable back-wash system makes it possible to achieve a higher constant filtration level with prolonged filtration cycles. Models range from 40 m2 up to 400 m2.

  • TMCI Padovan Sheet Filter Master

    The Padovan Sheet Filter Master is a steel and plated stainless steel sheet framework that holds steam-sterilizable and sanitary filters. Available in two sizes: Master Light for still products filtration and Master Inox for still and carbonated products.

  • TMCI Padovan Tunnel Pasteurizer

    Tunnel Pasteurization equipment is suitable to process beer, soft drinks, fruit juices, sparkling wine, jam, vegetable preserves.  The sophisticated technological level allows high energy savings due to the thermical recovery obtained through the basins water exchange.

  • TMCI Padovan Victoria DE Filters

    TMCI Padovan has created the Victoria DE filter to meet the stringent demands of the worlds’ best brewers, you simply cannot find a better DE filter anywhere.